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Research has it that vitamins, minerals and antioxidants may help protect you from cancer, heart disease, lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, protect against Parkinson’s disease, can make your children smarter and also help improve memory and a host of other diseases.
In the words of, Dr Michael colgan:
The evidence is now irrefutable that the right use of the right antioxidants can prevent and even reverse many forms of cancer, heart disease, atherosclerosis; adult onset diabetes and a host of others, diseases whose primary cause is excess (free radical) oxidation, including cataracts, lungs disorder, liver disorders and degenerative diseases of the brain”( 79
Latest research indicates that to build strong protection against free radicals, you need to take for larger amounts of antioxidants than the Recommend Daily Allowance with five to nine ample servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily you may draw enough vitamin c and beta-carotene, yet you may never get enough vitamin E from food intake, hence the need for vitamin E supplement on a daily basis with other essential vitamins.
Do you know that your body need enough of the mineral chromium? chromium is essential to your life, lack of chromium may eventually led to heart disease and diabetes
Lets take a long look at some of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants absolutely necessary for our health:

Do you know that research has proved that vitamin C can protect you form cancer and heart disease
According to Dr. Linus Pauling, double Nobel Laureate: “the primary cause of cardiovascular disease is a deficiency of vitamin C in the blood; I believe that cardiovascular illness (heart attack, stroke, circulating disease) can be nearly completely prevented by the proper intake of vitamin C” (85)

According to on UCLA study only 300 milligrams of vitamin c daily can add 6 years to a man’s life and two years to a woman’s life.
Don’t misquote me, vitamin C doesn’t guarantee you want have cancer but it lowers the risk of developing cancer, there are as a matter of fact dozens of recent studies showing that people who take vitamin C may reduce the risk of cancer, in extreme cases some studies show that people who take vitamin C have half the risk of getting cancer.
Hear the words of Dr linus Pauling, again:
“The more vitamin C one ingests, the less
chance there is of developing breast
cancer; the less vitamin C one ingests,
the more chance there’s of developing
breast cancer”

Come on! Is the really any doubt that you need to protect your body on daily basis with extra vitamin C, no doubt about it if you definitely want to prolong your life from 2 to 18 years, vitamin C must definitely be part of the program

One Harvard study of a group of male physicians with symptoms of heart disease showed that those physicians who took beta carotene supplements daily had only HALF as many strokes, heart attack, bypass surgeries and cardiac deaths as the doctors being administered with dummy pills, although it took two years for these positive effects to show.
If you sincerely want to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer you most take Beta carotene on a daily basis

Do you know that vitamin E can aid you live longer, yes! Vitamin E can help you live longer.
Studies has it that people who lake up to 400 iu of vitamin E daily at least for ten consecutive years reduced their risk of heart disease by 90%. Death rate was also lowered among those having heart disease by 78% and death rate by heart attack lowered by 58%.
There’s nothing your diet can offer in terms of vitamin E, highest a miserly 10 to 25 iu a day, but research states that we need at least 100-400 iu to provide the protection we need, I for one, I take 1000 iu of vitamin E to boost my immune system.
If you are thinking of trying your hands on vitamins for a couple of weeks, perish the thought, vitamins has to build up overtime to be effective and protective, take it from me,
vitamin E supplements are the easiest way to get your vitamin E, requirements.
Does it surprise you to know that high vitamin E intake has been shown to reduce colon cancer by 68% in women. It may further interest you to know that low vitamin E intake increases your risk of all kinds of cancer by 50% (99). Low vitamin E intake has been linked to weak immune system. Do you know that smart people take vitamin every day. Are you living in a polluted environment or big city environment, sincerely you definitely need vitamin E, you just need it, period.
Least I forget taking vitamin E alone is not enough, instead use several antioxidants at once. Havard researchers discovered that women taking lots of vitamin E reduced cardiovascular disease by 34%. Those who take a lot of beta-carotene reduced heart disease by 22% while those who used a lot of vitamin C reduced theirs by 20%.
Amazingly! When all three antioxidants was combined, heart disease was reduced by nearly 50%, on the part of stroke, high intake of all three antioxidants lowered the risk of strokes by 54%, how amazing?
what causes cataracts? Of course free radicals, studies shows that people who took vitamin E supplements had 56% fewer cataracts, while those who took vitamin C supplements showed a reduction of 70%.
One amazing aspect of the study is that people taking at least 400 iu of vitamin E and 300mg of vitamin C supplements on daily basis were largely free of cataracts
Do you know that arthritis has been shown it improve with large doses of vitamin A, C and E and the mineral selenium

Selenium can help you protect yourself against. breast cancer, this is a cheering news for women.
According to Dr Richard Passwater in his book, The New Super Nutrition, states that:
“This year 115,000 women will learn they have breast cancer .Yet evidence indicates that breast cancer can be reduced more dramatically than any other cancer thanks to antioxidant” (109).
On the part of Dr. Gerhard schnauzer of the university of California at san Diego said that,
“If every woman in America started taking selenium diet, then within a few years the breast cancer rate in this country would drastically decline” (110) selenium has all it takes to prevent cancer, especially breast cancer. what a cheering news! for women.
A study by Dr Larry clerk of the university of Arizona 200 micrograms (mcg) daily of selenium cut the rate of:
Lung cancer by 32%
Colorectal cancer by 64%
Prostate cancer by 69%
Did I hear anybody say that cancer cannot be prevented, reversed or even be cured. NO.
The big question is are you getting enough chromium in your diet? It is on record that if you don’t get at least 200 micrograms of chromium daily, your insulin levels soar and cause diabetes, heart disease, weight gain and even cancer.

Zinc is essential nutrient that aids in and fortifying your immune system.
An authority on zinc, Dr. Ananda S. Prasad MD and Professor of medicine at wayne state University School of medicine stated that.
“ a dimes worth of zinc a day may prevent a fortune in health care and suffering. Subjects, ages fifty to eighty who took 30mg of zinc gluconate every day for 6 months, saw their immune functioning come dramatically alive……(113)
Besides zinc help men maintain a health normal prostate gland research has confirmed, that deficiencies of zinc can also led to infertility and decreased sexual drive.

Dr. Micheal colgan has this to say about vitamin B12.
“You require only a few micrograms (millions of a gram) of B12 daily. The RDA is only 2 micrograms. Your blood contains only about 5 monograms (billionths of a gram ) per litre than a speck of dust. You couldn’t see that amount under a microscope.. Yet if you lack that infinitesimal speck your whole body declines into the serious disease of pernicious anemia, which gradually destroys the myelin sheaths protecting your nerves, leading to blindness; insanity and death…. The same applies to other micro-nutrients, it is still a mystery to science why such a minute amount of these substances can hold the keys to health, to sanity even to life itself”
Well, the experts has spoken, what’s mine! Only to ensure I take my nurtured supplements with out fail.
Least, I forget, do you know as we get older after age 60, our ability of getting B12 from the food we eat decreases? Are you aware that when you take vitamin B12 symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disappears?
What’s the bottom line?
Take your nutritional supplement daily.

Folic acid aid in preventing heart attack and birth defects, it is also an essential mineral in maintaining cell reconstruction.
We all know that as a matter of fact our cells are under serious assault by free radicals every minute of the day. What is the result of this free radical assault? The result of this free radical assault is that, if the cell DNA is not repaired comprehensively, it might led to cancer, besides a deficiency of folic acid, is a clear signal of the spread of cancer.
The big question is have you taken your folic acid today? Did I hear you say no? Better go and take it right now, I’ll wait while you take it.
Stay positively posted!
Yours in the struggle for a cancer free society
Egwu chukwuemeka


Do you know that to power your body about a trillion molecules of oxygen moves through each of your estimated 60 million cells on a daily basis. This oxygen is burned as fuel which in turn generales cellular waste known as free radicals . A good number of these free radical oxidants escapes and recirculate around your cells causing tiny holes to develop in your cell wall.
Naturally there’s a solution to this. Your immune system is equipped to automatically generate natural substances called Anti-oxidants which helps in combating these free radicals. Also the food you eat also contains antioidants like vitamin E and C and when you eat food that contains high antioxidants, you aid your cells to reduce free radical activity in your body. If you don’t have enough antioxidants in your body your cells get damaged.
Under normal circumstances, the antioxidants produced by our body and antoxidants produced by the food we eat would have restored the antioxidant level required for the effective protection of our body.
But there’s no normal circumstances anywhere in our imperfect world. The environment we live is polluted and pollution is the Chief source of free radicals
Even while we breath, we take in millions of free radical molecules that may be picked through cigarette smoke, emission from generating sets and automobile, including radiation, among others.
While we eat, we also consume free radicals in the form of preservatives and pesticides, alcohol is not left off, it is also loaded with free radicals, which leds it to the damage of the cells of our body.
To add to all the hassles, when you get older your natural body antioxidant, reduces, your white blood cells ceases to be as strong as the use to be against degenerative diseases that is why your body immune system need to be strengthened up against free radicals, know that having a strong immune system is the key.
According to Dr. Robert D. Willix in his book, Healthy at 100.
“ The most important discovery of the last half century concerns two substances called free radicals and antioxidants. Free radicals has been linked to (at last count), about 60 diseases. And we now have evidence that antioxidants can protect against,stop, and (in some instances) even reverse the damage done by free radicals……….start an immediate regimen to make sure you get all the antioxidants you need-both through diet and through the use of nutrients and dietery supplement, I urge you……… to star t aking antioxidant supplement now. You will see almost immediate; visible tangible evidence that these substance are working to protect you from free radical damage” (54).
Need I say more, we need to supplement our diet daily with powerful antioxidants and other dietery supplement that aids in fighting diseases.
In the next post we are going to talk about watch that thing you call food.
Persevere it shall be well!.

Yours in the struggle for a cancer free society
Egwu Chukwuemeka.